Market report week 14

The Atlantic wasn’t a Happy place for the Owners this week. TC2 dropped from WS170 back to WS145. WAF inquiries were few and paid 10-12.5 points premium. TC14 still trading around WS100.  The Baltic can be visited without ice class again so ICE premiums have also disappeared. The party for the handies in the MED came to a grinding halt, rates went down from WS265 for X MED at Monday to WS200 by  Friday and

Market report week 13

The MR’s in the Atlantic had a good week where TC2 inspired by strong US demand climbed up to WS200 at the end of the week. WAF loaders were very few and should pay around WS220 but to be tested. TC14 traded sideways at WS 95-97.5.  MR’s from the MED were paid around 1 Mln USD for AG. The LR1’s traded at WS 120 on Cont./WAF run, Sahara covered 60k condensate WAF to Korea on

Market report week 12

The Atlantic has been a busy week for the MR owners. TC2 traded at WS 167.5 and towards the end of the week it increased to WS175 with 10-15 points premium for WAF. TC14 traded at WS95-97.5 Lr1’s traded 60@WS120 on their continent /WAF route, whilst their large sisters fetched Usd 1.875 mln lump for Med/Japan and 200k premium for loading Black Sea The handies in the Med had a good week with proper demand

Market report week 11

The MR Owners had a good week in the Atlantic as there was good demand from WAF which fired the market. TC2 traded at WS165 with a 10-15 point premium for WAF loaders at the end of the week. TC 14 traded sideways at WS75 all week so probably TC2 will attract a few vessels for ballast. The LR1’s surprisingly dropped a bit and traded at WS95-100 to WAF. CSSSA fixed the Walleye from Punta

Market report week 9

The MR’s in the Atlantic had a decent week with rates going up to WS145 on TC2 with a 30 points premium for icy Canada. Torm allegedly fixed 2 vessels to Venezuela with Repsol at WS195 on ex Med and one ex ARA. TC14 dropped to WS75-77.5. The LR1’s still trading at WS105 for WAF however WAF demand was hardly existing. OTI booked 875k lumpsum for 60k unldd UKC to AG.  Chevron booked Flagship Ivy

Market report week 8

The Atlantic was rather slow for the MR Owners and TC2 traded at WS135 towards the end of the week. The Iceloaders traded 40@150 and WAF candidates fixed 37 around WS150 as well. Sahara fixed Atlantic Pegasus from Lavera to WAF at WS142.5. TC14 still going strong at WS117.5 -120. Nidas fixed Okyroe 60@110 ARA/WAF. The LR2’s fixed 2.1 mln Usd lump on (atl) Spain to Japan and 1.9 mln Usd for MED/Japan.  King Philippos

Market Report week 7

TC2 traded at WS140 this week with a 10-15 points premium for WAF which was slow ( probably because of the Nigeria elections intended to be held at the 16th of Feb but postponed by a week).  TC14 traded 38 at WS117.5 which is a good improvement coming from 80 the week before. The LR market was a busy one this week. Various vessels were booked from USG with rates 60@80 for TA and a

Market report week 6

The MR’s in the Atlantic had a decent week with TC2 improving to WS135-140 and a 15-20 points premium for WAF although hardly tested. The Ice classed vessels fixed 37@WS195 ( Baltic / TA). Quite some tonnage was fixed for Brazil both Shell and Vitol booked 40k gasoil at 1-1.1 Mln USD lumpsum. TC14 trade around 38@80. Chevron fixed  Nave Atropos from WAF to Korea at USD 1.55 Mln. A few LR1’s were fixed ARA

Market report week 5

The Atlantic was fairly slow for MR’s and rates for TC2 dropped to WS125 with 15 points premium for WAF. The only vessels still going strong are the Ice Classed ones which still trading 40@185 on Baltic/UKC. There was demand from the Feast and a few MR’s were fixed to China at 1.4 Mln USD.  TC 14 traded 38@WS100. Mercuria did an LR with UMS from ARA to WAF at WS100, whilst others did a

Dry bulk chartering

We're very pleased to be able to announce that after having invested in developing our knowledge of dry bulk chartering One Shipbrokers has had the pleasure of successfully fixing the first bulker for one of our clients. We're happy to see that our services in the tanker chartering have led to our clients entrusting us with their activities in this industry as