The MR’s in the Atlantic had a decent week with TC2 improving to WS135-140 and a 15-20 points premium for WAF although hardly tested. The Ice classed vessels fixed 37@WS195 ( Baltic / TA). Quite some tonnage was fixed for Brazil both Shell and Vitol booked 40k gasoil at 1-1.1 Mln USD lumpsum. TC14 trade around 38@80.

Chevron fixed  Nave Atropos from WAF to Korea at USD 1.55 Mln. A few LR1’s were fixed ARA to AG  around 1.4 Mln USD.  BP booked an LR from the EMed with an WAF option at WS 132.5. Allegedly Total did 60K UMS cross WAF at 130k lumpsum. The LR2’s  fixed USD 2.1 Mln for Continent / Japan and 1.8 Mln USD was paid for Singapore. Eni paid 80@WS120 for MED/Brazil with a FEAST option at USD 2.45 Mln.

The handies in the Med suffered from slow demand and rates dropped to WS150-152.5 for X Med, Black Sea held strong for most of the week around WS185-190 however dropped to WS175 to the end of the week under pressure from the X Med. In the North it wasn’t much better and Baltic traders dropped from 30@WS190 to WS175 at the end of the week, whilst X UKC traders fetched WS145. Nyala booked 30k gasoil from the Black Sea to Canaries or WAF at WS205/215. Others did WS187.5 on similar route.

Rates for the Suezmaxes dropped a little further due to lack of demand, 130@65 was paid for the USG with an 2.5 points premium for UKC/MED. The V’s also dropped following AG market WS45 was paid for FEAST destinations at the end of the week. Rumors were older vessels even dropped their pants further and fixed allegedly below WS40.  Both sizes the sentiment is depressed.