The Atlantic was fairly slow for MR’s and rates for TC2 dropped to WS125 with 15 points premium for WAF. The only vessels still going strong are the Ice Classed ones which still trading 40@185 on Baltic/UKC. There was demand from the Feast and a few MR’s were fixed to China at 1.4 Mln USD.  TC 14 traded 38@WS100.

Mercuria did an LR with UMS from ARA to WAF at WS100, whilst others did a similar size to Australia at 2.75 million USD. On the Med/FEAST going rate was USD 2.45 Mln USD with 200-300k extra for the Black Sea. The LR1’s got USD 2.15 Mln for Black Sea Japan. A few LR1’s were booked from Baltic to NWE at WS150. Chevron booked Nave Atropos from WAF to Korea At USD 1.55 Mln. Only LR seen booked (possibly) to WAF was Norstar Invictus from Emed to WAF (option) at WS132.5 by BP.

The handies in the Med had a good week fueled by a thriving  Black Sea market. The Black Sea loaders traded at 30@WS205, the Emed positions tightened and rates went up to WS165, in the West Med rates lacked a bit behind as demand was slow and levels hoovered around WS157.5. As some bad weather is expected, rates are expected to be firming. In the North the handies didn’t have much action rate wise and vessels traded @WS195-200 for the Baltic, X UKC traded at WS155 with a small premium for some of the more exotic ports.

The Suezmaxes had a tough week in West Africa and rates dropped to levels around WS72.5 to UKC and WS67.5 to USG.  ST paid 130@WS80 for Nigeria to Saldanha Bay on Mt”Lipari”. Aegean Angel  was fixed by Sahara for a Nigeria / Abidjan cargo at USD 1.1 Mln. The V’s didn’t do much better and going rate to the Feast is WS50 at the moment.