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  • One Shipbrokers BV was established in 2009. We provide a broad range of Shipbroking services on a competitive and, above all, reliable basis.

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One Shipbrokers B.V.

One Shipbrokers BV was established in 2009. We provide a broad range of ship brokingservice on a competitive and, above all, reliable basis. In addition to normal shipbroker activities such as chartering, operations and demurrage, our in depth experience of the shipping industry enables us to assisting with and advising on the handling of demurrage and cargo, claims and similar matters in dispute. We further have the expertise to arrange for training of our customers’ shipping staff in areas of operations and shipping or to provide custom-made manuals on operational and commercial matters, in order to improve efficiency and co-operation between various companies.

We are completely independent and have no third party ownership, nor are we answerable to outside investors. We also do not run or own any vessels and we thereby avoid all possible conflicts of interest. We do, however, offer a high level of commitment to our customers, both on the Charterers side as well as on the Owners side. We place a great premium on long time relationships, as we believe that open, honest and amicable cooperation between all parties involved will yield the most profitable outcome for everyone involved in the long run.

We cover shipments of all liquid products (chemicals, gas, cpp, dpp, vegoils, crudeoil, baseoils, bitumen) from barge size all the way up to suez-max size. Even though we offer our services on a worldwide basis we have a vast experience with logistics within and related to the West African region. This consists of shipments to and from West Africa as well as cross West African shipments.

We can also offer our service on consultancy basis for special projects, for instance on vessels’ purchases. General market information and analysis will be provided on regular basis and special requirements for information can be handled as well upon request.

Marc ter Horst

Chartering department

Office D/L: +31(0)181-330033
Office D/L 2: +31(0)181-330032
Mobile: +31(0)6-53248456
Email: marc@oneshipbrokers.com
Skype ID: one_mth
ICE ID: mthorst

Jerry Heij

Chartering department

Office D/L: +31(0)181-330033
Mobile: +31(0)6-23846933
Email: jerry@oneshipbrokers.com
Skype ID: jerry_heij
ICE ID: jheij

Bart Vlemminx

Operations department

Office D/L: +31(0)181-330033
Mobile: +31(0)6-13582629
Email: bart@oneshipbrokers.com
ICE ID: bvlemminx

Debbie van Eechoud

Accounts department

Office D/L: +31(0)181-330037
Mobile: +31(0)6-53448521
Email: debbie@oneshipbrokers.com

As a young and dynamic group, we are always keen to identify talented people with the knowledge, skills and the right hands on mentality to join our company. If you have relevant experience and are considering a new challenge, please send an email with your CV to :marc@oneshipbrokers.com

Established in 2009

Shipping Abbreviations - A comprehensive overview of some of the most common abbreviations used in chartering and shipping.

Shipbroking Services

News - Find the latest news and information about One Shipbrokers B.V.

New Employee

One Shipbrokers is pleased to inform you that Bart Vlemminx has joined us as per january 4th, 2016 and will be part of our Operations department.   We believe Bart will fit in very well into our organization as he shares the same values that we do.   We place a great premium on long time relationships, as we believe that open, honest and amicable cooperation between all parties involved will yield the most profitable outcome for everyone involved in the long run.   We are all looking forward to work with Bart and trust that his positive input will

29 Mrt 2015

New website

One Shipbrokers B.V. has a new online face. With our redesigned website One Shipbrokers B.V. is more complete and we can better provide you with our latest

Contact - Providing an efficient and responsive Service, with a capital S, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to our customers is our top priority. Thanks to the drive, broad experience and unwavering commitment of our team, we are able to add value to all aspects of our clients’ operational processes. The One Shipbrokers staff has a broad education and experience gained in a wide range of areas of the shipping industry with various major Owners and broking houses.


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