The Atlantic wasn’t a Happy place for the Owners this week. TC2 dropped from WS170 back to WS145. WAF inquiries were few and paid 10-12.5 points premium. TC14 still trading around WS100.  The Baltic can be visited without ice class again so ICE premiums have also disappeared.

The party for the handies in the MED came to a grinding halt, rates went down from WS265 for X MED at Monday to WS200 by  Friday and Black Sea probably 20 points extra but hardly tested. Repsol paid WS235 for Spain/Canaries for a jet cargo. Also in the North the sentiment isn’t too good as the large vessels sucking up a lot of the handy cargoes (Vitol booked 120k ULSD on mt ”Breeze” LR3). Rates dropped from just over 200 back to WS150 for Baltic loaders and 10 points less for X UKC.

LR1’s traded as WS120 on their Cont./WAF route whilst a few were fixed on USG/Brazil at rates between WS95 and WS105. From the continent they were paid around a Mln USD LR2’s fetched 2.175 Mln USD from the Black Sea to Japan whilst on Med / Japan 1.925 Mln was paid by Shell.

The Suezmaxes are slowly recovering this week for the USG they fetched WS55 and 10 points in addition for UKC/MED destinations, the shipowners are still optimistic further improvement will come due to increased demand. The VL’s however did a lot worse due to AG market dropping they traded 260@WS40 WAF / Feast.