The MR’s in the Atlantic had a good week where TC2 inspired by strong US demand climbed up to WS200 at the end of the week. WAF loaders were very few and should pay around WS220 but to be tested. TC14 traded sideways at WS 95-97.5.  MR’s from the MED were paid around 1 Mln USD for AG.

The LR1’s traded at WS 120 on Cont./WAF run, Sahara covered 60k condensate WAF to Korea on SCF Plymouth but rates unreported.  Chevron covered 60 GTL Escravos/UKC at WS 100 on GEM no.3. Sahara was rumored to do 60k gasoil from AG to UKC or WAF rates for WAF not reported.  From the MED to Japan they were paid USD 1.675 Mln USD. Their big sisters fetched between 1.925 and 2.0 Mln USD for Skikda / Feast naphtha.

The Handies in the MED had a ball and rates went up to WS260 for Black Sea loaders, whilst X West med paid around WS180 and Emed around WS200. The handies in the North also fetched around WS175-180 for X UKC whilst the Baltic paid 20 points extra.

The Suezmaxes didn’t recover this week in WAF and still traded a dead poor levels WS50 to UKC/MED, W60 was paid to the Feast and WS45 was the rate for USG. Reliance paid USD 1.75 Mln on mt ”Pola” to Sikka. The V’s didn’t do much better and fetched WS45 to the Feast. Marathon paid WS42.5 on Arafura to USWC.