The Atlantic has been a busy week for the MR owners. TC2 traded at WS 167.5 and towards the end of the week it increased to WS175 with 10-15 points premium for WAF. TC14 traded at WS95-97.5

Lr1’s traded 60@WS120 on their continent /WAF route, whilst their large sisters fetched Usd 1.875 mln lump for Med/Japan and 200k premium for loading Black Sea

The handies in the Med had a good week with proper demand and the freight rates went up 25 points. At the end of the week XMed traded 30@WS160 and 15-20 points extra for Black Sea loaders and it seems the party isn’t over yet. In the North the sisters also had a good time with Baltic/NWE trading at WS 197.5  and about 20 points less for X-UKC

Another pitch black week for the Suezmaxes in WAFR which traded at WS42.5 to USG and WS50 to the continent at the end of the week. These kind of levels will yield negative returns and will hopefully pick up soon for the Owners. Usd 725k lump was fixed Nigeria / Dakar for Addax but failed and 130 WAF / India paid Usd 1.75 mln lumpsum. Pertamina paid Usd 2.35 mln on Nordic Thunder from Qua Iboe to Cilacap.

Also the V’s had a negative week although not as bad as the Suezmaxes.  Rates to the FarEast were WS55 and 3.875 Mln Usd was paid by IOC to Paradip at Miltiadas Junior