The MR Owners had a good week in the Atlantic as there was good demand from WAF which fired the market. TC2 traded at WS165 with a 10-15 point premium for WAF loaders at the end of the week. TC 14 traded sideways at WS75 all week so probably TC2 will attract a few vessels for ballast.

The LR1’s surprisingly dropped a bit and traded at WS95-100 to WAF. CSSSA fixed the Walleye from Punta Europa to Feast with 60k condensate but details unknown. Quite a few LR1’s were fixed Med/AG where the going rate was around 750k USD. The LR2’s traded at 1.9 Mln USD lump for Med/Feast and Equinor paid 1.85 Mln USD for Mongstad / Singapore and Aramco paid 1.3 Mln USD on STI Carnaby for 90k Unl ARA/AG.

The rates for  handies in the Med were still under pressure and traded 30@135 for X Med with a 20 points premium for the Black Sea girls, towards the end of the week inquiries got a bit tighter and Owners managed to obtain an additional 5 points premium. Their sisters in the North did a lot better and closed the week trading 30@160 for X UKC and 20 points premium for Baltic girls. Cont /med traded at WS130.

The Suezmaxes thought their market was bad but last week proven that it can always get worse. They traded 130@55 to Europe and 130@50 to the States. Mt ”Front Ull” was fixed from Ebome to the East 130@70 and Petramina fixed Mt” Tataki” at 2.4 Mln for Qua Iboe to Cilacap . The V’s also dropped and are now fixing 260@56.5 to the Feast.