The MR’s in the Atlantic had a decent week with rates going up to WS145 on TC2 with a 30 points premium for icy Canada. Torm allegedly fixed 2 vessels to Venezuela with Repsol at WS195 on ex Med and one ex ARA. TC14 dropped to WS75-77.5.

The LR1’s still trading at WS105 for WAF however WAF demand was hardly existing. OTI booked 875k lumpsum for 60k unldd UKC to AG.  Chevron booked Flagship Ivy from WAF to Korea with 60k condensate at 1.35 Mln USD. With the big sisters Rosneft booked Albiani UKC/Venezuela at 2.5 Mln for 90k unldd. Few LR2’s where booked ARA/Spore or Feast around 1.7 Mln / 2.15 Mln USD Lumpsums and going rate for Med / Feast was 2.0 Mln USD.

A poor week for the handies in the MED with rates dropping X MED now trading 30@145-150 and still falling, Black Sea getting 20-30 points extra on top of that. Sentiment still negative for the Owners. The sisters in the North had a better start of the week and traded 30@160 with a 10 points premium for the Baltic (Ice) traders. Towards the end of the week however the rates also dropped here to WS145.

The Suezmaxes had another hard week and rates ended at WS55 basis USG and WS60 for UKC/Med. CSSSA paid WS70 for Angola/East on Narmada Spirit.  IOC paid 1.94 Mln USD Lumpsum to Chennai and Reliance paid 2 Mln USD lumpsum to Sikka.  BP took Sonangol Kalundula  to South Africa 130@72.5. The Vl’s had a fairly quiet week but rates improved due to AG market and WS66 was paid for FEAST destinations.