The Atlantic was rather slow for the MR Owners and TC2 traded at WS135 towards the end of the week. The Iceloaders traded 40@150 and WAF candidates fixed 37 around WS150 as well. Sahara fixed Atlantic Pegasus from Lavera to WAF at WS142.5. TC14 still going strong at WS117.5 -120.

Nidas fixed Okyroe 60@110 ARA/WAF. The LR2’s fixed 2.1 mln Usd lump on (atl) Spain to Japan and 1.9 mln Usd for MED/Japan.  King Philippos (LR2) was rumoured fixed with 90k UMS ARA/WAF at WS85 .

The handies in the Med had a fairly busy week and rates improved to 30@WS170 for X Med and 20 points premium for the Black Sea loader but it is to be seen if the demand holds firm next week. The LR’s being used for the Baltic runs recently has done a lot of damage to the handy rates. X-UKC traded 30@125 towards the end of the week and ice trader fetched another 30 points premium

Again a slow week for the Suezmaxes in WAF and not expected to improve soon. Rates paid ar WS 65 for the USG with a 2.5 – 3.5 points premium for UKC/MED. The V’s traded at Ws 57.5 for their FEAST run.