TC2 traded at WS140 this week with a 10-15 points premium for WAF which was slow ( probably because of the Nigeria elections intended to be held at the 16th of Feb but postponed by a week).  TC14 traded 38 at WS117.5 which is a good improvement coming from 80 the week before.

The LR market was a busy one this week. Various vessels were booked from USG with rates 60@80 for TA and a 35 point premium for ECSAM, 1.6 Mln USD was paid for USG / Japan. From the Continent 1.2 Mln USD Lumpsum was paid for AG discharge and Sahara paid 60@115 for Mongstad/WAF on BW Yangtze.  Various ice class vessels were booked Baltic/Continent at rates varying between WS 130 and  WS 155 and Med/Feast paid just over 2 Mln USD. Lukoil booked an LR2 wit 80 ULSD from USG to UKC or MED at WS 67.5, whilst the LR2’s on their Med/Feast route fetched around USD 2Mln. (just under 2Mln for med, just above 2Mln for Black Sea)

The handies in the Med were stable around WS150 for X Med with a small drop at the end of the week. In the Black Sea 30-35 points premium are paid and Owners are optimistic re next week. In the North charterers fixed a few LRs which took a chunk out of the handy cargoes. With the result that rates are under pressure, with 30@165 being the market at the moment for Baltic traders. The X UKC ladies are trading around WS140.

The Suezmaxes in WAF traded 130@WS67.5 to the USG and very low 70’s for UKC, Exxon booked Karvours 130@85 to Australia. The V’s did very high 40’s to the Feast at the end of the week and IOC booked Cerigo to Vadinar 260 @ 2.7 Mln USD.